About DMCC FreezoneDMCC is the globally recognised freezone and its true chance to work in the global Free Zone of the Year.

Growing Community

Today more than 17,000 companies call DMCC home, ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups. A further 170 companies join us every month, 95% of which are new to Dubai.

Whatever their size and status, every member company is united in benefiting from unparalleled access to world-class business services, connections and infrastructure.

With excellent air, sea and road links, it is the ideal business base for Dubai, the UAE and beyond. As endorsed by the ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’ award from the Financial Times fDi magazine for five years now, DMCC is indeed, Made for Trade.

dmcc freezone community

Setup Up a New Company in DMCC

Its a right choice option to start your dream company and to grow your business successfully. Be a part of DMCC energetic Community

Open a branch in DMCC

Looking to expand your business? At DMCC, you can open a branch of your existing enterprise and be able to do business in the world’s most dynamic centre for global trade.

DMCC Benefits

DMCC FreeZone Features

  • 0% Personal and corporate income tax
  • Thriving Business Centre
  • Live and work in energetic and growing community
  • Strategic Location
  • Online portal for all services
  • Flexible Solutions

Attracting a diverse range of companies from around the world, DMCC pride in delivering high performance and nurturing a richly interconnected Free Zone where your business can take root, grow and continue to thrive.

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